Faculty of Agriculture

Department of agriculture of the Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University was founded in 23.10.2007 according to the decision # 2007/3-4. There has been teamwork with students from the preparation department to be admitted to 2008-2009 school year.

In branches “Fruit-and-vegetable production and crop production” and “Plant protection” is conducted by the formation of a bachelor degree. Our department spends simultaneous preparation of qualitative formation of the world standards on agricultural production and introduction to the local producers, to skill designing, as well as the resolute and devoted experts on agriculture engineering.

In the end of 2012-2013 our first graduates graduated from our department.

Education in our department on a bachelor degree takes 4 years. The first year – preparation course for improvement of language.

The students who have finished training according to Balloon system have the right of reception of the diploma with official transcript which meets international joint standards of Turkish Republic and Kyrgyzstan.

At the moment our graduates obtained major “the Engineer of agriculture” with success found a job.

Employment at the department are spent in the form of the theory and practice in educational -field sites, in laboratories and in the agricultural enterprises. Curricula made according to the international standard.

Today investment made to the modern scientific basis of a building, bodies, audiences, laboratories, research, agricultural and practical bases is planned.







To possess modern formation suitable to the high world standard, according to international standard AR-GE in the field of agriculture which will assist progress of agriculture and contribute to community.

Our objective – educate the engineer in agriculture who should possess following qualities:

- To be informed in all areas of agriculture production of Kyrgyzstan, Turkey and all over the world;

- High national consciousness

- Possessed patriotic feelings

- The careful attitude to an environment and its natural resources

- Feeling the responsibility and proper thinking;

- Faith in the forces and possibilities

- With a wide world broad view

- The inspirer of ideas, with initiative capacities

- Possess skills, resolute and brave qualities

- Being proud, that the graduate feeling the responsibility and proper thinking;


Our faculty carrying out historical mission by means of formation and technologies which is following:

- To assist increase of a standard level of local and international education;

- To assist achievements national and the international formation;

-To be in close contact with scientific research works and private sectors

- To be resourceful and the leader in formation and innovation technologies, cultural, social and in sport.

The department of agriculture should be the exemplary center of education and scientific research. Big attention should be given to the national, scientific and ethical values, capable spread of knowledge in the community , good attitudes and a finding of common language with peers and colleagues, as well as having authority and respect in a community .