Faculty of Letters

Nowadays the university is the basic institution that makes science universal. University means faculties and institutions connected with the humanities. Thus, one of the first faculties founded was the faculty of natural sciences and humanities. Later, when these two branches were divided, it was renamed Faculty of Humanities according to Decision № 2008-01 of the Trustee Body on April 25, 2008. Our faculty consists of the following departments  which make up the core of the humanities: History, Turkology, Education, Sociology, Philosophy, Oriental Languages Department (Chinese Language and Literature; Russian Language and Literature), and Western Languages (English Language and Literature).  
The faculty consists of outstanding scholars from Kyrgyzstan and Turkey. There are some world-leading specialists among them. The faculty teaches students languages, history, culture, and philosophy. Besides, the faculty carries out research and this helps raise a new generation, whose mission is to strengthen relationships between the Turkic nations.   
The majority of the faculty from Kyrgyzstan work on a full-time basis, and teachers from Turkey are invited to work for two or three years.   This helps to widen the scope of students and share with the different experience and knowledge of teachers from Turkey.
Many graduates of Faculty of Humanities (first graduates in 2002) demonstrated abilities to conduct research and went on to become Masters and Doctoral candidates not only at Kyrgyzstan-Turkey “Manas” University  but at other universities of  Kyrgyzstan and abroad. Some of them work as researchers in different educational establishments, as teachers, librarians, museum curators, translators, and journalists in various fields of language and history in Kyrgyzstan, Turkey and other countries