Faculty of Theology

Our faculty is a higher education institution with four-year of education after preparation course, which started its work in 2011-2012 academic year . The languages of instructions are Turkish and Kyrgyz, which students are to learn in preparatory classes . During the education process the Arabic language is offered as a foreign language.

There are two departments in our Faculty ; Department of Religious Studies and Islamic Studies Department .

The courses offered at the Department of Religious Studies are history of religions , the teachings of religion , general philosophy, logic , ethics, religion philosophy, religion sociology, religion psychology , religion anthropology , culture, civilization etc.

In the Islamic Studies Department subjects on Basic Islamic Sciences , Religious Studies , H istory, Culture and Civilization of Islam are scheduled .

Graduates of the Department of Religious Studies graduate with the State diploma , which authorizes them to work as teachers and take an opportunity to teach culture of religion and ethics in public schools. Those who graduate from the Islamic Studies Department can work as religious officials in mosques under the Muslims Directorate of Kyrgyz Republic ( Muftiyat), teachers and staff in madrasas , and specialists of religion in other organizations and institutions, which need such specialists.

Successful students have an opportunity to take a double major in our faculty. Students who take a double major receive diplomas from both departments.

Students of our Faculty have an opportunity to take part in summer training (internship) in Turkey at least once during their education, thus, they gain an experience abroad.