Faculty of Veterinary

Kyrgyzstan with its stock-raising capacity is one of the important countries not only in Central Asia but in the world as well. Rich water resources, pasturing uplands, secure ecological situation, plant diversity, good climate conditions, and high mountain pastures of Kyrgyzstan attract much attention of the world countries as an important source of bioenvironmental livestock product delivery.
The mission of Veterinary department is to prepare undergraduate students to become contributing members and leaders in the fields of veterinary, human health, development of animal husbandry of the country, and sustainable utilization of livestock resources that in its turn will improve the people’s wellbeing.
The next perspective of the Department is to obtain International accreditation and to integrate into the International Veterinary Community. Thereupon by the decision of the University administration and Trustees Council the following goals have been put forward, namely: scientific researches, educational process, new educational buildings, laboratories, veterinary clinics and livestock facilities should meet the regulations of the European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education (EAEVE). Upon achieving the goals Veterinary Department will become an important educational center and a model department in Central Asia.
The length of study at the department: one year language training and 5 years of major (10 semesters). Upon completion of 9 semesters of theoretical and practical training, then in the 10-th semester students take internship in veterinary clinics and university livestock facilities both in Kyrgyzstan and Turkey.


  • Educate veterinarians that without comprising modern education-training principles; that respectful to nature, human and animal rights, scientifically equipped, take the tolerance and self reliance as life principle, tenacious to learn and brush up the information in their lifelong, at peace with themselves, with their environment and as the most important at peace with civilization values of Turkic Republics, thinking critically and express their opinion in a civilized way, obeying and protecting the ethical rules of their job, and conscious of the law, regulations and instructions in the field of Veterinary Medicine.
  • Make a contribution to the Kyrgyzstan economy rationally by means of the educated veterinarians in KTMU Veterinary Faculty for developing the livestock of country, protecting the animal and society's health, food safety from farm to dinner table, educate people about society health and accordingly building conscious consumer group and to contributing the potential of livestock of country.
  • The ultimate object of our Faculty is to put into practice of international accreditation and integration


To provide educating to professionalists who are; bounded to main values of Turkic Civilization,
respectful to nature and natural life while professing with modern equipments, instruments and information of the era, adopted the student oriented education perception internalizing the attitude and behaviors without conflicting the indispensable of society without pressure,
Knowing to use the personal authorities and priorities, internalizing the quality is important than the quantitive features, sharing the information they have, being aware of the sovereignty, adopting the quality as principle, while being bounded to social beliefs and values not compensating to being scientific, without compromising from constructiveness and productivity, sharing, cooperation, and without have difficulty in problem solving, have effective communication between the individuals and units, love learning and teaching , have ability to organize, and adopt as sharing information.