Tourism and Hospitality Management Higher School


The college in its history first food and beverage management, second tourism and hotel management and last travel management and tourism guidance programs were opened which started as a two-year vocational school in 1990-2000 academic year. Three separate programs continued in the success of the training programs have been appreciated with positive messages from the sector and job placement for graduates. Our school was started to work as 4 years Tourism and Hotel Management Highschool (College) aiming to improve its success in 2007-2008 academic year. Tourism and Hotel Management, Food and Beverage Management, Travel Management and Tourism Guidance are continuing their studies from the beginning of this academic year.


has an important tourism potential with its natural beauties, historical values, rich culture and welcoming people. But the most important obstacle to evaluate the country' tourism potential is cannot be found enough qualified manpower in tourism sector. Tourism and Hotel Management School aims to educate and provide career opportunities for young people mainly for Kyrgyzstan, Turkey and Turkish World.

Tourism and Management School gives especially practical courses with theoretical information may provide short period of time for compliance the sector. Our school has well equipped laboratory about food and beverage service, kitchen, computer and housekeeping for this purpose.


To educate middle and senior level management candidates for tourism enterprises all over the world primarily in Turkic World as individuals having universal values and Turkic consciousness equipped with international standard of professional competence.


To be a recognized brand worldwide with graduate competence among the educational institutions in the area of tourism.



The following issues are taken into consideration in Tourism and Hotel Management School:


•  Giving importance to learn foreign language and they are learning English, Russian, and German with Turkish and Kyrgyz.

•  Theoretical lessons giving to students in line with sector expectations.

•  Importance is given to practical courses and skills training are provided to take the full for students about their own profession.

•  Students can use high school' practical areas outside the class in effective way. They can go technical travels to gain more information about work places.

•  Students are encouraged to do internships for three semesters to have enough work experience. For effective internship made cooperation agreements with tourism businesses. In this way, students have serious work experience end of the four years education.



The school provides a large number of possibilities for students for varied social, cultural and sportive activities. Students' motivation and orientation are provided with every year traditionally organized dating events for new students. Education travels are held to Kyrgyzstan' different touristic places in education period and tourism sector managers are invited to gain actual information for students.

Contests are held and successful students are priced about vocational knowledge and skills. Various sportive tournaments are done for students for evaluating effective to out of education time.

A lot of opportunity is given to students for congress, symposium, conference and various activities held by university and in this way students are developing their knowledge and skills about congress ant meeting organizations.

At present, our students take an active part in the sports, music, dancing activities and they also organize some events for the tourism club of the university.


Tourism and Hotel Management School has international cooperation's with Helvetas, Norwegian Telemark University and UNWFP (United Nations World Food Program).


As a member of KATO (Kyrgyzstan Association of Tour Operators) our school has contributed association' activities and has come an appreciated education organization.


We have a lot of sectorial relations with hotels and travel agencies in Turkey, Tunis, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan.


In our high school short time education courses are organized through Continuing Education Center for tourism sector personnel and other people that interesting to tourism. Tourism and Hotel Management School takes its places as a leading institution in Kyrgyzstan. Certificated courses which were issued by Kyrgyzstan Ministry of Education:

•  Food and Beverage Service,

•  Front office,

•  Barmen and Barista,

•  Kitchen,

•  Housekeeping,

•  Hotel Management.


The students spend their leisure time participating in different sports, arts and cultural activities. Likewise, the students enjoy activities that are regularly organized by Tourism Club which was established by the efforts of students.